FrontLine is an on-going discussion about what’s next for God’s church

this is essentially a “town hall” type of forum.  there are questions asked, possibilities that are shared & the vision of what God has in mind take shape.  yes, it’s realized together.  the days of the pastor being the one voice of vision, at least for this church, are done.

it’s important to recognize that God is trying to speak into each of our lives.  and when He does that it has impact on the local church.

with that said, it’s also crucial to realize that a church, of any size, cannot do everything.  so there’s some reality that must set in, that we cannot do all things.  so part of what these gatherings do is help us uncover those things we can do.

stay connected to the church to find out when the next FrontLine gathering will be scheduled so you don’t miss a thing…