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a timely reminder [galatians1.0]-a quick trade

A TIMELY REMINDER [week2]-a life once lived

A TIMELY REMINDER [week3]-diagnostic or cure

A TIMELY REMINDER [week4] there & back again

A TIMELY REMINDER [galatians 2.15]-lives bent toward God

A TIMELY REMINDER [week6]-forgetful&foolish

A Timely Reminder [week7]-faith alive or not so much

A Timely Reminder [week8]-house or home

A Timely Reminder [week9]-prisoners no more

A TIMELY REMINDER [galatians 4.8]

ATR [galatians 4.21]-house or porch

ATR [galatians5.0] – fear or love

A TIMELY REMINDER [galatians 5.16]-Spirit life

A TIMELY REMINDER[galatians 6.1]-gospel community

I-church I-church general image
I-church [week1]-revolution

I-church [week2]-continued revolution

I-church [week3]

re-Branded basic art

re-Branded 1.0 [brand issues]

re-Branded 2.0 [i quit ]

re-Branded 3.0 [inside job]

re-Branded 4.0 [those who show up]

re-Branded 5.0 [grace & truth]

re-Branded 6.0 [makes me so angry]

re-Branded [week7] loopholes

re-Branded [week9]-the one’s another’s

re-Branded [week10] dollars & cents y’all

first Christmas stories

the advent conspiracy  sermon basic

first Christmas stories-elizabeth

first Christmas stories-the innkeeper

first Christmas stories-mary

first Christmas stories – shepherds & wisemen

first Christmas stories-joseph


UPRISING[week1] true freedombasic promo

UPRISING [week2] the puisuit of humility

UPRISING [week3]-high integrity

UPRISING [week4] true courage

UPRISING [week5] chasing gratitude

UPRISING [week6] longing for wholeness

UPRISING [week7]- a generous life

URPSING [week8]- faitfull life

UPRSING [week9] – perseverance

UPRISING [week10] – lives of wisdom

Kellie Ambrose in Africa

kelly ambrose to africa

Awakening the Heart [a stand alone message]

awakening the heart

TRS [Total Request Sermon] – questions & topics taken from youTRS basic [st.Louis]

TRS [week 1] good enough to go

TRS [week2] can i get a witness?

TRS [week3] mystery upon mystery

TRS[week4] the struggle of living

TRS week 5 the issue of our sex

TRS [week6] the issue of our sex 2

TRS [week7] – last days

TRS week 8 does God change his mind

here & now [an easter series]series art

here & now week1 [be present]

here & now – week2 [be present2]

here & now week3 [worship]

here & now – week5 [life upside down]

here & now week6 [hollow life]

habakkuk – when faith & frustration collide [winter & spring 2014]series art

habakkuk [week1]

habakkuk [week2]

habakkuk [week3]

habakkuk [week4]

habakkuk [week5]

habakkuk [week6]

habakkuk [week7]

habakkk [week8]

habakkuk [week9]

habakkuk [week10]

habakkuk [week11]

!surprise! [an advent series] 2014gen image

!suprise! [week1]

!surprise! spend less [week 2]

!surprise! give more [week3]

!surprise! candles and carolls edition

!surprise! week 4- love all


a Letter [a series through the book of colossians] fall 2013a Letter [basic]

a Letter [week1]

a Letter [week2]

a Letter [week3]

a Letter [week4]

a Letter [week5]

a Letter [week6]

a Letter [week7]

a Letter [week8]

a Letter [week9]

a Letter [week10]

a Letter [week11]

a Letter [week12]


the circle maker [fall 2013]cm-720-screen

the circle maker1 [legend has it]

the circle maker 2 [the big dreams]

the circle maker 3 [pray hard]

the circle maker 4 [think long]