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these messages are recorded each & posted ASAP in the following week.  they are loaded onto this page in the dated order & then will eventually be moved to the archive file [not yet created], & grouped by topic/theme/series, hopefully making it easier to find. you can stream the audio while you’re on-line or save it to your computer, tablet, phone [whatever] with a right click, “save link as”, name it & save it!

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re-Branded is a series that is a bit of an on-going conversation about what it means to be the church, embodying the very essence of Jesus in the 21st century.  click the pic to the right for the whole series to-date.


living in EXILE [1 peter discussion]

living in EXILE [week1]

living in EXILE [week2]

living in EXILE [week3]




ACTions [week3]