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these messages are recorded each & posted ASAP in the following week.  they are loaded onto this page in the dated order & then will eventually be moved to the archive file [not yet created], & grouped by topic/theme/series, hopefully making it easier to find. you can stream the audio while you’re on-line or save it to your computer, tablet, phone [whatever] with a right click, “save link as”, name it & save it!

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re-Branded is a series that is a bit of an on-going conversation about what it means to be the church, embodying the very essence of Jesus in the 21st century.  click the pic to the right for the whole series to-date.


reconciling Christmas

12.10.17 reconciling Christmas [two]

12.03.17 reconciling Christmas [one]

OPEN – and invitation to the unencumbered life

09.03.17 RISE [week1]

OPEN [week3] – my voice

OPEN [week4] – hand work

OPEN [week5] it’s gotta’ be the feet

hold on loosely [properly gripping our faith]

hold on loosely [weelk 1] – series intro

hold on loosely [week3] – repentance, guilt or deisre

hold on loosely [week 4] – baptism

hold on loosely [week5] – the gospel

hold on loosely [week 6] – strange things

hold on loosely [week 7] – suffering

hold on loosely [week 8] – shalome/peace

hold on loosely [week9] – the kingdom

07.16.17 hold on loosely [week 10]-salvation’s process

hold on loosely [week13] – sunday, church & other struggles

suspendBELIEF [heroes of the faith – heb.11]

suspendedBELIEF the ancient future [week1]

suspendedBELIEF [week3]

suspendedBELIEF [week5]

04.30.17 suspendedBELIEF [week7]-worship & faith

05.07.17 suspendedBELIEF[week8]-the others


onTheVerge [discovering what God is about to do]

onTheVerge [week1]

onTheVerge [week2]

onTheVerge [week3]

all 10 prayers [stL] PDF


HISseason [a Christmas series]

HISseason [week2]

HISseason [week1]


strange election things [working through the tension of the political season]main-image-1

strange election things [week5]

strange elexction things [week4]

strange election things [week3]

strange election things [week2]

strange election things [week1]

2words [the book of james 2 words at a time]

james - web basic

2words [week13] wander & restorer

2words [week10] – oppressor & laborer

2words [week9] humble or arrogant

08.28.16 2words [week7] – true & false wisdom

08.21.16 2words [week6] – blessing & cursing

08.14.16 2words [week5]-faith & works

08.07.16 2words [week4] – judgement & mercy

07.24.16 2words [week3] – hear’er & do’er

07.10.16 2words-james series [week1]-brother & servant


FAMILY TRAITS [the what, when, where, who & how of the church]series art 2 [web]

06.19.16 FAMILY TRAITS-[week7] – carrying the name

06.13.16 FAMILY TRAITS [week6] – open-handed living

06.05.16 FAMILY TRAITS [week5] – deep symbolism

05.22.16 FAMILY TRAITS [week4] – how do i

05.15.16 FAMILY TRAITS [week3] – historically chosen

05.08.16 FAMILY TRAITS [week2] – what’s faith got to do with it

05.01.16 FAMILY TRAITS [week1] – healthy, fit, and active

05.29.16 strange things at church today – danny workman