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in the TRS [Total Request Sermon] series we spent the final week asking the question “does God change His mind?” here’s an article from church leaders on-line magazine with some interesting thoughts.

God Sometimes Changes His Mind (But Only Because He Never Changes)


in the series TRS [Total Request Sermon] we took a look at an important topic that’s shaping the culture right now; the issue of homosexuality.  we, as usual, take our understanding from scripture & the life of Jesus.  below are a couple of links to articles dealing specifically with homosexuality & some of the attitudes & approaches the church & Christ-followers should have.  click on the links & read.  the articles aren’t that long & they may provide some good things for us to think & converse about in the coming days, weeks, months & more.

7 things Jesus would say to the LGBT community

why homosexuality is not like other sins

6 misconceptions about homosexuality

homosexuality and the modern church

understanding holiness


the below paper is connected to the colossians series.  in col.3 there is a section of scripture that addresses slaves & masters.  this scripture often gets twisted & mis-applied.  the PDF of the paper below comes from the village church in the dfw [dallas/fort worth] area of texas.  it helps clarify what the bible has to say about slavery.

does the bible condone slavery [geoff ashley, the village church, tx]